The Boards
The Line-up

The Nine foot Four
Small, fun and lively, the 9'4 is a really neat little wave board, or a really nice all-rounder for the lighter person.
The newest addition to the Red Air line-up, this is the baby of the family. With plenty of rocker and a nicely pointed nose, it's totally at home in the surf, but with 30" of width it's still extremely stable in feel. And being so short, it's amazingly stiff and rigid too. If it wasn't for the cushioned ride, and the huge comfort in knowing that if the board hits you it's not going to hurt, you'd hardly know you were on an inflatable. Really, the only thing that separates this from the solid boards is the lack of sharp rails in the tail, which means less grip in hard turns. But you soon learn to compensate for that, and just enjoy the fact that you're on a super-fun machine that you can go for anything on, without paying the price.
Could you use this purely as a surfboard (i.e. no paddle)? Absolutely!! You'll catch pretty much anything on it due to the extra volume, and it's got enough curve in the rocker and plan shape to be great fun for throwing around. And obviously, it's particularly brilliant as a learner board. So with one of these in the car boot you need never miss a session again.
The Ten footer
The ideal all-rounder for the average weight rider...
This is the ideal all-round travel Paddleboard for the lighter rider. It's a whole lot of fun for surfing, (makes a great 'prone surfing' trainer board too!),  but it still paddles well on the flat stuff, with a nice glide, and is still extremely stable at just under 30" wide.  
The board has  more rocker pre-shaped into it than the 11', which means your feet are nearer the water when standing in the middle, and slightly less performance upwind in choppy conditions. However, when you're on the wave, the extra rocker line of this 10' is all positive - it's a lot of fun for wave-riding. Obviously, you're not going to be making hard snappy turns on a 10' inflatable board. But it catches waves effortlessly, and goes down the line really nicely, and you can get up on the nose real easy, and in anything up to waist high you're actually having more fun on this than pretty much any other sort of surfing machine because whatever you do, you're not going to get hurt. Stick the nose in, get pitched over the front and the board comes down on your head.... no problem! This board is just a laughing machine. You also aren't going to hurt other water users, should you lose control of the board. It's the perfect tool for inexperienced surfers and paddle-surfers.
And you can take it wherever you want to go. Even on the plane! Board and paddle all in one small travel bag, and you've still got plenty of weight allowance for all your other stuff.You've gotta admit, that's pretty cool!
It's also just great as a family fun platform. Let the kids use it as a diving platform. With its full EVA deck for under foot comfort and softness, they aren't going to hurt it, and it isn't going to hurt them. This really is a great all-round fun tool.
The Ten foot Six
The ideal all-round paddleboard for the heavier paddler.
The only quality all-round inflatable paddleboard at 32" wide, and is ideal for the heavier rider, or simply anybody wanting just that little bit more stability in their ride.
Better still, it has the progressive rocker line of the Red 10', which basically means it has a lot of curve pre-shaped into it, making it very very nice indeed for surfing. It will catch even the smallest waves with ease, yet it has enough curve in both its rocker and its plan shape to be really quite comfortable in medium sized surf too.
Super stable, really easy to use, and with glide of the kind you only get from inflatable boards. Remember the first time you used a mountain bike with shock absorbers? That smoooooth feeling? That's what we're talking about here. This is a great all-round SUP for learning, cruising, surfing, exploring, and general family fun. You can pretty much do anything on it! Full EVA deck for under foot comfort and three moulded fins finish off this fantastic family cruiser, that's super durable and still small enough to be packed away in a small bag at the end of the session.
The Eleven footer
The cruiser in the Red Air range. Stable, speedy and with lots of volume.