Paddle Board Company
Join the Revolution in Paddle Boarding
Are you new to paddle boarding or just looking for an alternative to lugging around a cumbersome and heavy conventional paddle board?
You’ve come to the right place!
Red Paddle Boards are fast, stable and extremely durable.
They offer all the performance of a conventional paddle board but roll up into a 45cm x 75cm back-pack in less than 2 minutes!
Red inflatable paddle board technology has been perfected over the past 5 years and now offers comparable performance to regular paddle boards. At 20psi, Red inflatable paddle boards are as ridged as you can see in the photo above and will have you surfing the smallest swell to 10 foot towers with ease!
Don’t believe it? Check out the rest of our paddleboardcompany website and FAQ section.
If you need to see it to believe it, please contact us to arrange a demo.
Byron Bay is our local surf spot but we’re more than happy to meet anywhere in the Northern Rivers area and up to the Gold Coast.
Email or call 0 i now red board (0466 973 326) and we’ll meet you there!